Get the facts on why
higher round bale density matters

New Holland Roll-Belt™ Round Balers

Get the facts on why higher bale density matters. New Holland Roll Belt Round Balers.

New Holland delivers more bale nutrition and more to your bottom line

When considering a new round baler, you may not be thinking about bale density, but you should be. Producing fewer, denser and higher-quality round bales will drive down your production costs, while driving up the nutrition of your bales, and your profits.

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What’s the difference?

Higher density round bales mean lower feed costs and more money in the bank.

Lower maintenance costs

Denser round bales means less twine, wrap, fewer bales to transport and store, plus less fuel consumption.

Less time in the field

Heavier round bales translate into more crop per bale and fewer bales per field, meaning less labor.

Less waste

Less crop is wasted because heifers consume more of the bale. Harvesting more leaves (alfalfa) equates to higher nutrition.

More crop in the bale and wrap savings

Compared to the competition, New Holland puts more crop in the bale. Over an 8-year roll cycle, you will save up to $18,680 in net wrap.

Improved chamber design

Get the industry’s highest round bale density with New Holland’s short tough belts combined with steel rolls.

Crop moisture sensing

Precise moisture knowledge leads to less ruined feed, greater animal weight gains and milk production, plus greater animal reproductive efficiencies.

Easier feeding

Bale Slice™ makes forage more digestible and can increase average daily gain in yearling beef heifers by 23 percent.

Penn State high-density bale study

Download the PSU high-density
round bale study fact sheet

Higher Density Round Bale Facts

Round bale icon Denser = Cooler Maximizing protein
Thermometer icon Lower pH & sugar For optimal fermentation
Cattle icon 29% less waste= 25 hours of extra feed time
Dollar sign in gear icon Denser = Fewer Less fuel & labor costs
Wrapped bale icon Up to $102,880 In wrap savings over 8 years
Silo icon Fewer Bales= Less outdoor storage loss
Round bales and cattle illustration
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See how bale density can make a big difference in the performance of your cattle.

New Holland Roll-Belt 450/kombi

New Holland Roll-Belt 450 & 460 Balers

Bale on your own schedule with the legendary performance and superior round bale density from compact and capable Roll-Belt™ 450 and 460 round balers. Designed with smaller operations in mind, the 4x5 and 4x6 designs use fewer moving parts to create a simple, affordable round baler to own and operate.

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